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About Face CoverBarry Voss, President of FaithLife Ministries, has written a book about Christianity and the American culture today.  The book is entitled “About Face: A Call to Turn America Back to God.”  In this book Barry discusses how the American culture has turned away from God over the past fifty years and become more secular. He breaks down the ways this has become evident by looking at eight different values that include the erosion of Biblical influence, sexual idolatry, and entitlement mentality, just to name a few. He shows how America has lost its respect for the Church and how it now values personal choice above God’s Word.

But he also offers a solution and shows how followers of Christ and the Church can lead America back to God.  He provides eight ways Christians can influence our culture by being who we were called to be.  He demonstrates that it is only when Christians focus on being the Church, sharing the gospel, and making disciples of Jesus, can the Holy Spirit use us to turn our nation back to God.

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The book was published by Xulon Press, the largest Christian self publisher and was released on April 9th, 2015.  It is available in a variety of formats.  Please click on any of the links below to purchase a copy.  All proceeds go to FaithLife Ministries to support the mission work that we do.

Paperback:  Xulon Press or Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble

Kindle:  Amazon.com

Nook:  Barnes & Noble

Apple:  iStore

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