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Barry & Guitar 2

One of Barry’s other passions is Christian music. As many of you know, he plays guitar and also leads worship at his church, on mission trips, and for special events.  But what you may not know is that he has also has written well over 100 Christian songs of witness, worship and testimony, and has recorded 3 albums of his music.

Make Me Yours Album Cover All I Need to Know Album Cover Give Him All the Glory Album Cover

Recorded 1997            Recorded 2003                 Recorded 2004

Here are a few samples:

Jesus Reigns Above (from Give Him All the Glory)

Give Him All the Glory (from Give Him All the Glory)

Lord I’ll Go (from Make Me Yours Lord)

Oh What A Fool I’ve Been (from Make Me Yours Lord)

What in the World Would I Do (from All I Need to Know)

If It Had Been Up to Me (from All I Need to Know)


We pray this music is a blessing to you. If you would like to learn more about his songs, please contact us.

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