Prophecy Spoken Over Barry Voss


Barry Voss Prophecy Photo

In November of 1999, I (Barry) traveled with a mission team from Resurrection Lutheran Church in Charlotte, NC to Almaty, Kazakhstan and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. I was part of the teaching team and taught on Christian music and evangelism.  I also participated in the praise band for the worship conference.  During our visit to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, there was a women there who had the gift of prophecy. At our closing worship service she came on stage and spoke a word of prophecy over our team and each individual member, including me. Incredibly, this prophecy was recorded.

> Click here to watch the video clip.

In 1999 I had just begun to go on mission trips and train.  This was before FaithLife Ministries was formed and several years before the development of our Management for Church Leaders™ training manual, which has led me to a global training ministry. I recall getting up that day and feeling like I did not belong there and questioned why I even went on this mission trip in the first place.  I was curious what she might prophecy over me, assuming perhaps nothing. When the women came over to me and began to speak to me, the first thing I heard was ,“I know you have doubts about why you are here.”  I was astounded!  How could she know that?  She immediately had my attention!!  As she continued speaking in Russian, and the interpreter was translating her words into English, all I  heard was the English voice speaking to me, and that it must be God, because there was no way this woman could have ever known my feelings that day or anything else about me.

She went on to prophecy that “He has prepared many people whom I will teach” and that “He would send me to the places where people are in great need!”  At the time, I had no intent on being in full time ministry nor training for that matter. I had a marketing consulting practice and what quite happy in my business career.  But as my life unfolded, God began to direct me to that calling as I wrote in my book, Transformed: Learning to Live by Faith, which was published in 2013. In 2005 I went into full time ministry training church leaders globally.  As of today I have trained over 9,000 pastors and church leaders in over 30 nations!  I am not only in awe of God’s hand on my life, but also blessed to have had the privilege of hearing Him call me to that purpose back in 1999.

So I wanted to share this video clip with you of that prophecy so that you know that God’s purposes are fulfilled when we are obedient to His call, and that God does indeed speak to His children. I pray that each of you will turn your heart to God and listen for His call upon your life!

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