Management For Church Leaders™ Training


We offer a training course entitled Management For Church Leaders™ which is designed to give pastors and church leaders a basic understanding of leadership and church management principles and practices. It is Biblically based and provides practical, how-to training for any church leader. It was originally developed in 2001 by Barry Voss, our President and Director of this training, for a Bible School in the Philippines. This extensive training manual contains such topics as ministry leadership, managing people, handling conflict, strategic planning, managing money and managing time. It has been taught in over 55 different countries around the world, and is available in English, Spanish, French, Portugese, Russian, Nepali, Burmese, Swahili,  Lugandan, Albanian, Estonian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Khmer, Indonesian, Urdu, Telegu and Hindi.

This training is also available in audio format. Please click here for more information.

There are instructional videos for those interested in teaching our material to others.  Please click here to view those videos.

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We have also developed a self-training version of our Management For Church Leaders™ training manual.  This book contains all of the same principles and exercises but is written out with full explanations and illustrations for self-training or for teaching others.  This book is intended for those that are looking for church leadership or management training they can take on their own.   It is currently only available in English. To get a copy, please click here!

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